Monday, August 2, 2004

Love Letters


Today, the continuity jumped 3 years and into the horrid quagmire that is Tori! Not only that, it was an episode I've already done! Sheesh!

Luckily, there is always the 7-8am slot. So, I bring you a Miss Bliss episode from this morning:

So, today a lame love letter brings about chaste flirtation, impossible misunderstandings, and little to no Mikey Gonzalez. Also, it turns out, Zack is only friends with Screech when conveniant. Boy, I bet he wishes he remembered that one at Bayside.

Today's Quote

Zack: Where are you going, Screech?

Screech: To quell my woman's buring fire!

Most Implausible Moment

The "Miss Bliss" episodes lack the stupendous, mind-boggling implausibility of the Bayside Years, but, if I have to pick something:

For a supposedly super-smart teacher, Ms. Bliss sure has trouble putting this one together.

"No Child Left Behind" Watch

Hunky Substitute Jerry Vick: "Serious thinking? I gave that up years ago. I guess that's why I'm a substitute teacher."

Hahaha. Good one Jerry!

"Saved by the Bell vs. The Collected Works of Charles Dickens" Watch

Topic: Spontaneous Combustion

Saved by the Bell:

Miss Bliss, quoting from Zack's prior excuses (1987): "'My grandmother was reading my homework when she spontaneously combusted.'"


Bleak House (1853): "It was shewn upon the evidence that she had died the death to which this name of spontaneous combustion has been given."

Winner: Saved by the Bell (Score: 1-0)

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