Thursday, August 5, 2004

Masquerade Ball

Ok, so today an anonymous series of love letters between Screech and Lisa causes confusion and distrees which probably sounds familiar to you because the EXACT SAME THING happened in Monday's episode, "Love Letters."

Dear Saved by the Bell, While I will admit to finding it charming when you recycle just about every plot from sitcom history, this does not mean that it is cool with me if you recycle one of these plots more than once! That is cheating!

Also in this episode, Ms. Cullpepper, the blind teacher who is so blind that it is clear she can only make out vague shapes and that is probably pretty dangerous and oh yeah it is ironic because she teaches art which is the one subject that blind people probably shouldn't teach, plays the Miss Bliss role in the "I-Don't-Want-To-Date-Mr.-Belding-Misunderstanding." Between her and Mrs. Simpson, Saved by the Bell teaches us that, while wheelchailers are OFF-LIMITS, it is OK to make fun of the blind and deaf.

Also, there are sweet costumes and Mr. B. is a pirate(!) and Slater is an astronaut (but Ginger thinks he is a deep sea diver hahahaha) and he accidentally makes out with Screech dressed as Gumby so for a second I was like, "When did I start watching Velvet Goldmine?" Plus, Lisa loves Zack which is so awkward that it is never ever talked about again (except for the really weird one where they start dating, but I can only take these one at a time people). And Screech does the world's worst Groucho Marx for absolutely no reason.


Today's Quote

Tori: I think he's a jerk...and a hypocrite!

Screech: No he's not! He's a Methodist!

Most Implausible Moment

When Tori is in the cat costume pretending to be Lisa while Zack confesses, why does she act like a cat, rubbing her "paws" on her face and meowing?

Why would anyone think that makes any kind of sense whatsoever?

"How'd That Get Past Standards?" Watch

Screech: "Can me and my tongue go now?"

The Max Menu Watch

Today's Confirmed Menu Items:

1. Hamburger

2. Turkey Burger

3. Chicken Burger

4. Little Green Peas

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