Tuesday, August 3, 2004


No, this isn't deja vu! The Saved by the Bell writers liked the idea of a teen-line so much, they don't mind calling it up againl!

This time, though, it ain't just about scheming! You see, painfully earnest biker-chick Tori suggests a "Teen-Line and Rap Room (awesome)" for the mandatory senior class community service project. So, today, along with the comedy, lessons.

Also today, Screech is for no real reason matched with a rambunctious little brother and lameness ensues. Plus, wheelchair basketball!

Today's Quote:

Screech: Rap Room? I love that show! I see Zack - he's a doobie!

Most Implausible Moment

Holy cow! The things Zack says about his handicapped girlfriend? Unbelievable!

A sampling:

Zack (on first date): 'Whoa! You're in a wheelchair!"

Zack (to everybody else: "Now look, Melissa's handicapped but she's really comfortable with it so let's move on, OK?!"

Zack (in movie theater): "Excuse me sir, would you mind slumping down? My date's in a wheelchair!"

Zack (in the rap room): Even though she's handicapped, she gave Cathy perfect advice!"

Great Grandma Moses!

'How's This Get Past Standards?" Watch

Screech shoots for two today:

Screech: "...and then my mom bought me this blow-up doll."


Screech: "Whenever you have ideas, I end up in my underwear!"

"Dad, Did People Really Talk Like That" Watch

Slater: "All right Prepmeister way to go Amigo give me a fiver!"

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