Friday, August 20, 2004

The Baby Sitters

So, today Kelly's parents are trapped at a Ski Lodge and because they don't mind leaving 7 kids (including an infant) home without adult supervision, Kelly finds herself in a pickle - she has to take care of her infant brother Billy! That's a big uh-oh cuz, for reasons that there was simply not enough time to explain, babies are not allowed in Bayside even if it's an emergency and the baby would probably die. No babies. Oh and oops it's yearbook picture day and nobody wants to have a baby in their yearbook picture and look out 'cuz Kelly broke her arm off screen. That must mean it's time for subterfuge and cover-ups and puns. Oh the wonderful puns. Brothers and sisters, wait until you see these puns.

Also today, a Keystone Cops style sped-up search scene (Keystone Cops style sped up scenes always being that mark of good taste and class) that is incredible and goes like this.

(At 2x speed and to old timey music) Lisa, Slater and Screech are going into lockers. I assume they will come out of the same locker they went into. WHAT? They all came out of different lockers? What is going on? Slater's going into a locker. WHAT? Lisa is coming out of that same locker? How is this possible? Wait, Screech is going into a locker, surely he'll - HUH? He's in the garbage can? Has the entire world turned topsy-turvy???


Today's Quote


Zack: Oh no, French class. Look, whatever you do, don't go "oui oui", OK?


Zack: Kelly sure picked a great time to break her arm.

Screech: I guess those are the breaks.


Slater (on diaper changing): ...then we get umbrellas because we don't want to be given a baby shower.


Kelly: Something tells me you haven't changed that much.

Zack: Oh yeah? (In baby talk) I changed him 38 times, didn't I? Yes I did.

38 times? That kid should probably see a doctor.


Mr Belding: Your attention pleaase, this is your Principal, Mr. Belding. Yearbook pictures are being taken in the library. Chess club - it's your move. Insect club - you go in five minutes, so stop bugging me. HAH-ha!


Most Implausible Moment

Getting out of trouble by convincing Mr. Belding he's senile? So lame.

"These Boots Were Made For Walking" Watch

It's nice to see that a progressive school like Bayside still has a girls-only Home Economics class where they teach young girls important things like how to hold a baby, etc.

All the trig in the world ain't gonna change that diaper, ladies!

"How'd This Get Past Standards?" Watch

Slater: "I've got a ding-dong in my gym bag."


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