Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Zack Tapes

Man, this one is a tour de force! It's "Give Someone Your Plastic Heart With Your Name Professionally Prinited On It and It Means You Are Going to The Dance Together" Week at Bayside. Coincidentally, it is also the week where Miss. Wentworth teaches her Subliminal Advertising lesson in whatever subject it is that you learn Subliminal Advertising (Health?). Plus, the new Bo Revere (that may be my favorite made up rock star name ever) tape is out. It only has one song, and seems to be recorded on a box of Memorex or Zenith blank tapes, but man that song is rockin'. As Mr. B says, it's radical!

Also in this episode, nerds Edgar, Wendell, and Alan (his last name is Fairbanks! We learn that today!) make it with some babes. I tell you what, these nerds at Bayside, marginalized as they are, they do pretty good with the ladies. Plus, Max has a spinning bow tie which is so sweet, Screech dresses in drag and calls himself Barbara Bush, and Lisa wears the most incredible cow print denim vest and jeans combo is the history of cow print denim vest and jeans combos.

Today's Quote

Mr Belding: Zack, I'm not a straw - don't suck up.

Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day Hall of Fame

Zack's Subliminal Message: Zack Morris is the kind of boy every girl dreams of. Great looking, smart, and funny - yes, that's Zack Morris. Zack Morris is a blond Tom Cruise. Zack Morris is a ten. Zack Morris is perfect in every way.

Most Implausible Moment

Miss Wentworth totally lies about an election in Italy where they put subliminal messages in the pizza commercials. That never happened! What kind of teacher is this lady?

"Lisa And Her Amazing Pet Names" Watch

Lisa: "Don't toy with me, my Manly Mustang!"

Lisa: "You're just jealous! Tigerman is a great catch!"

Lisa: "I thought Screech was my Prince of Passion, but it's you, the Z-Man."

And the coup de grĂ¢ce

Lisa: "Not my Screechy, he's the Buffest Bronco on Earth!"

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H said...

Not that it really matters, but sensation and perception (a psychology class) is where I learned about subliminal advertising (and what a load of crap it is). That was in college though, not high school.