Monday, August 23, 2004

Pinned to the Mat

So, TBS tried to confound us by rerunning the same run of episodes twice in one month! What is wrong with them? Luckily for us, I've been saving episodes in the Supercable for a rainy day (God bless you, Supercable). I have enough for this week, though we may be in trouble next week. Cross your fingers.

So, without further adieu:

I have two words for you: Marvin. Nedick. NEDICK!

Today, Slater is afraid of becoming an over-the-hill pro-wrestler so he takes up cooking because that is what you do I guess. But, look-out Slater, 'cuz Zack bet his non-existant dirt bike against Valley warlord Marvin Nedick's so I bet there will be a scam. There is.

And did I mention that Nedick is so awesome. He looks and acts exactly like every kind-of-fat tough dude moron in high schools across this great land! In fact, I went to high school with about 5 Nedicks. I bet they all had sweet dirt bikes too!


Also in this episode, the silliest cooking class ever with a crazy teacher who sings the ingredients and shakes her breasts (no joke) and that is so weird. Oh and OH, there is this amazing dream sequence where the students come back to the Max for a reunion (and for some reason Mr. Belding gives them something that looks like a diploma. A diploma for what? Reunioning?) and Screech is a supercool astronaut, Mr. Belding has Lisa's name on his butt, AND Slater dresses like Hulk Hogan and it is so good I want to cry!

Today's Quote

Marvin Nedick: Come Friday, I'm going to be riding something in the dirt - either your bike or your face!

Most Implausible Moment

When Zack pits Screech against Nedick to guilt Slater into wrestling, one is left to wonder: Doesn't this wrestling team have a coach?

Hope and Crosby Watch

Mr. Belding: "Now what is it like in space?"

Screech: "Far out. Have a Mars Bar."

Mr. Belding: "Is there really life on Mars?"

Screech: "No. All the good clubs close at 9."


Slater's Strange Hypotheticals Watch

Slater: "Why have a litter of preppies when you can have a bunch of stud-muffins like me?"

"Remember the 90's?!" Watch

Mr. Belding: "...and that's how I became the Flo Jo of principals."

"How'd This Get Past Standards?" Watch

Lisa: "Move over Calvin - it's time for my name to be on everyone's butt."

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