Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Friendship Bracelet

TBS seems to trying out some sort of experiment in postmodern non-chronological narrative here, because today we jump in the Wayback machine leaving the dreadful and useless Tori in our dust. Good-bye, earnest biker-girl! Hello Mr Tuttle and Alan!

Today, resident jack-of-all-trades Mr. Tuttle is teaching business or economics or something where there's an excuse for students to be running a business and fighting and everything. The consumer is the winner here, as we get a surfer business ("The Fold N' Surf"), a nerd business ("Pocket Protector Protectors"), and that bit of braided nylon that sets the world afire: The Friendship Bracelet/Buddy Band! "Motivated, motivated, motivated, motivated..."

Also in this episode, an amazingly over-produced video advertisement for Buddy Bands (my my, that $100 start-up capital goes a long way in Bayside) with Slater, Kelly and Jessie, and boy oh boy Slater just dances and smiles and smiles and smiles and smiles and dances! I really just can't get enough of that. Plus, Mr. B pumps iron, oh and Screech does the worst Robin Leech ever for absolutely no reason!

Today's Quote

Mr Tuttle: There's room for similar products in the marketplace, Mr. Morris. Look at Pepsi and Coke, Avis amd Hertz...

Screech: Bologna and Whipped Cream!

Most Implausible Moment

Honestly, how did three high school students get a professionally choreographed and edited video produced overnight? Even one that sucks this bad would take at least a full day. Sheesh!

Alan Watch

Mr. Tuttle: "Mr. Poindexter, do you really believe in this product?"

Edgar Poindexter: "Yes we do."

Alan: "We do. When do we eat?"

Man, that fat kid is so awesome.

"Slater and His Strange Hypotheticals" Watch

Slater: "I wouldn't beg you to spit if my eyebrows were on fire."

I seriously cannot imagine a scenerio where that could possibly make sense.

"How'd This Get Past Standards?" Watch

Slater: "We tried to beat Zack, but we ended up beating ourselves."

We've all been there, Slater.

"Remember the 90's?!" Watch

Screech: "The fifth richest man in the world."

Zack: "Fourth! I just bought Bill Cosby."

To do what, Zack?

Jessie: "Mr. Morris, President Bush called - he wants a friendship bracelet for Gorbachev*. And Vice President Quayle broke his when he tried to put it over his head."

Hahahaha! Satire!

* This is getting ridiculous - it's like a Gorbachev reference an episode. At least this time it's not about the damn birthmark.

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