Monday, July 12, 2004

Bayside-Valley Prank War

The Saved By the Bell Quote of the Day returns with a classic:

Quote of the Day


Slater: They tushy-tissued our nerds!


When Mr. Belding sits on Valley Prinicpal "Stinky" Stigwell's Whoopi-cushioned office chair:

Principal Stigwell: What are you wearing? Toot of the Looms?

Most Implausible Moment

Looking past the fact that Valley seems to be the only high school since the late 1920's to have a living animal as its Mascot AND that kidnapping a HUMAN PERSON seems to be perfectly acceptable in the state of California, today's most implausible moment was when a jar full of ants placed in the Bayside Tiger costume somehow makes the Valley imposter do a series of perfectly executed cartwheels and flips.

Future Career Watch

When Jessie tarts it up during the final cheer, we see the seeds of her masterful performance in "Showgirls." I bet she used this scene as her audition tape. I''ll also bet a few teenage boys have used it for something else. Yow!

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Asia said...

Yes, a friendly kidnapping is indeed perfectly acceptable here in ol' CaliLand. During homecoming rallies, we are frequently shown videos made by the leadership class as they go to the royalty nominees' homes and kidnap them in the middle of the night. Friends quite often kidnap eachother for a night on the town.