Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Blind Dates (or, as it is known in Europe, Screech Probably Has Sexual Intercourse with Mr. Belding's Niece)

Today's Quote

Jesse: [Lisa] also thinks that Arsenio Hall is where the Lakers Play.

Most Implausible Moment

OK, so Mr. Belding's niece is in town, and he has to find a date for her. Wait, what? Why does he have to do that? Not explained.

So, he has to find a date for her, and Screech says he's free. Ok, so Screech is weird, but he's a good student and a nice guy, right? Well, Mr. Belding doesn't think so. Screech is nixed.

So, Mr. Belding blackmails Zack. The same Zack that he hates and doesn't trust and was just about to suspend for a week? Yup, that's the one.


Strangest Moment (Runner-Up)

When Jesse has her "Dating Game" dream sequence (this is the episode where we learn she is racist against short people), the male suitors are: Teddy Krueger, Mason Vorhees, and Donald Chump(!). I get the first two, but Donald Trump? C'mon, he's not that bad.

Strangest Moment (Champion)

By all acounts, it looks very much like Penny Belding brought Screech home to an empty Belding house to bonk his geeky brains out. As she explains, "He's so hot he makes my teeth sweat." Awesome.


Brian Spath said...

How do you feel about Donald Trump now?

Steve Carey said...

Joke's on me, SBtB.