Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Prom

In this episode (which I assume was some sort of season finale), everybody gets paired up. Kelly chooses Zack as her prom date, so, of course, Slater ends up with Jesse, and Screech goes to a movie with Lisa and dumps HER! But, uh-oh and lookout, 'cuz Kelly's dad lost his job at the defense plant (what's a defense plant?) because there's never going to be any more war ever and she gives the Prom money back so her 7 brothers and sisters can eat!

Flash forward to 2004. There's tons of war so Kelly's dad has his job back. Now the Kapowskis can stop living off the Prom money!

This episode also marks the first appearance (I think) of Alan, the cake-obsessed fat nerd. Saved by the Bell - Now with 10% more Fat Kid Jokes!

Today's Quote

Slater's had a good week.

Slater : Why would she want to go with a boy, when she can go with a gladiator?

Most Implausible Moment

What's a defense plant?

Alan Thicke Reference Watch

Lisa: Are you sure Matt Dillon isn't in this movie?

Screech: Yes! Alan Thicke is the zombie! Everybody knows that!

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