Friday, July 23, 2004

The Poker Game

The College Years. Ugh.

So, The College Years really only makes sense if you make pretend that the gang goes to an ultra-strict Puritanical New England College sometime in the late 17th Century.

In this episode (which is barely about a poker game), the young Puritans are not allowed to gamble or imbide alcohol or caffinated beverages or think dirty thoughts or whatever in the dorm, so, to play poker, the gang has to get Mike Rogers (aka Rev. Dimmsdale) out of the dorm. They do this by tempting him with sex. It works because man is weak due to original sin and all that. Everyone goes to hell (which is symbolized by the smoke in the dorm when Rev. Mike and his foul temptress burn dinner in the heat of passion, etc.). Screech is Christ maybe. The End.

Also, all the girls take one of those sitcom karate classes where the teacher calls people up and demonstrates absolutely nothing by slamming them down on gym mats. Next!

Today's Quote

Clara (the gross, oversexed cafeteria worker): You know, 2,000 men come in here everyday, but you're the only one who can make my knees buckle and the hair on my back stand up.


Most Implausible Moment

The girls cannot play poker because they can only talk about what the proper number of babies to have is and what the gender distribution of that number should be? Really??

"How'd This Get Past Standards" Watch

Kelly: [Mike Rogers] touched my bunny.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the need to make a slight correction to one of your quotes from the SBTB: TCY episode "The Poker Game". :-)

Kelly said "He [Mike Rogers] punched my bunny.", not "He touched my bunny."

Still lovin' your reviews (not to mention your puns and standards notes. lol)! :-) Keep 'em comin'!