Thursday, July 29, 2004

Model Students

Model StudentsMan oh man, the title of this episode should be WELCOME TO NERD CITY! I think we need a price check in aisle hillarity, 'cuz here's what they're sellin' at the nerd-run school store:

Florescent Pocket Protectors (for pajamas)

Refrigerator Magnets Made from Used Retainers

A Clock in a Large Conch Shell

An Autographed Photo of Mr. Rogers (awesome!)

Flesh-Colored Band-Aids for Nerds - Ultra-Pale (the Best Seller)

Also in this episode, some nonsense about modelling and Paris and Zack being the worst boyfriend ever, etc. But, if you're ever watching this episode, you should turn it off after the first 10 minutes and pretend the episode is just about nerds. Glorious nerds!

Today's Quote

Slater: They're called muscles. I got them by bench pressing nerds!

Most Implausible Moment

If Screech took the calendar photos in secret, why are all of the girls posing? What kind of swim practice is this??

One other question: If the nerd-run school store has exactly zero sales in their books, how can they have a best seller?

Nerd Name Update

2 more for the roster:

Norman Hattenbak

Ronald Geekman

There was a third nerd today, but, in a direct nod to Carol Reed's noir classic, this "third man" remains a mystery.

Misc. Name Update

Harriet Hippoman (Kelly's alternate on the swim team)

Hillarious Photo Shoot Dialogue Watch

Adam Trask (to Lisa): "Hip and happenin'...trendy, trendier, trendiest!"

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