Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Screech's Birthday

Another classic!

This one's a personal favorite, because it has extended roles for Kevin the Robot, Mr. Dewey (the best Saved by the Bell character ever), and the amazing Neil the Hall Moniter ("You're a creep!").

Today's Quote

Slater to Neil:

Slater: You scare my hair, skinny!


New Feature: SBTB Quote Hall of Fame

(These quotes are not just episodic highlights, but sthe best line from the enitre series. These are serious business, so this catagory will only appear when warranted.)

The first entry into the Quote Hall of Fame:

Mr. Dewey: You guys can go. The rest of you can watch me practice my Tai Kwon Do

Most Implausible Moment

Um, Screech has a fully-funtional, thinking robot?

Ok, that's it for today. But remember, "Don't mess with the Dew-man!"

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