Thursday, July 22, 2004

Driver's Education

So, I think TBS is showing these out of order, and I can never tell who's dating who. But, no matter, because this episode's plot was crystal clear:

You see, in this episode, Zack is worried that Kelly MIGHT LIKE SLATER MORE due to A PERCEIVED ADVANTAGE that is OUT OF ZACK'S CONTROL. So, Zack comes up with A PLAN that will make Slater LOOK BAD. The plan WORKS ALL TOO WELL/GOES AWRY. Screech SLIPS UP and GIVES THE PLAN AWAY. Zack GETS IN TROUBLE. But Kelly likes Zack MAYBE EVEN MORE because HE WENT TO ALL THAT TROUBLE JUST FOR HER.

Also, today, Mr Belding and Mr Tuttle hate each other because of office politics, and this leads to awkwardness for the viewer. Plus, the writers pull the old "junky-jalopy-transforms-into-awesome-hot-rod" trick, which, as we all know, is a classic variation on the "librarian-takes-off-glasses-and-is-really-hot" gambit. Kudos!

Today's Quote


Both of today's quotes made it because they rhyme and rhyming is the best.

Mr Tuttle: Pushy pushy, move your tushy!*


Slater: I was in the seat. I'll take the heat.

*Scorecard Alert: That is the second time the word "tushy" has been in a "Quote of the Day"

Most Implausible Moment

Why does Bayside teach Driver's Ed with a strangely ornamented golf cart that ONLY OPERATES IN A CLASSROOM?

Remember the 90's? Watch

Lisa: Yeah right! You'd have better luck trying to get that thing off Gorbachev's head!

Zack: The doctors who worked on Michael Jackson couldn't help this heap.

Kelly: This guy is major weird.

Way cool.

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