Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Save the Max

KKTY - Bayside! Today, the gang discovered that there's a radio station in the basement of the school - you know, the one they'll continue to work for whenever it is narratively conveniant. The radio station was cleverly hidden by some white sheets, so that's why nobody's ever heard of it.

Also, we learn that Dicky Belding was a hippy with a huge ass, which allows for many 60's cliches, plus some anachronistic 50's cliches (the Big Bopper?) for good measure. Also, Slater sucks at radio, but everyone else is super good at it. Also, Screech comes up with the worst Al Bundy impression ever! Out of nowhere!

Today's Quote

Slater: In the airport of life, sports is just the baggage. Think about it.

Most Implausible Moment

The school district owns The Max? Huh?

"How'd This Get Past Standards" Watch

Screech: 98% of our listeners want it short, fast, and often.

Must be a lot of dudes listening to KKTY.

Saved by the Bell Muzak Watch:

Today's episode has tons of SBTB Muzak, including a song with words!

The lyrics:

"I need your money/I need your love/I need you honey/When-a push comes to shove/I need your mo-ney!"


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