Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Miss Bayside

Screech as Miss Bayside? I don't believe it! CRAY-ZEE!

Today, we get to see some truly amazing things:

1. We get to see the Bayside Auditorium - which looks suspiciously like the Bayside movie theater with the lights on.

2. Screech preforms magic as "The Great Screechini," whose big show stopper seems to be a multi-colored handkerchief that simply doesn't end! I mean, how is that possible? Handkerchiefs have to have an end, don't they?

3. Belding sings!

4. Slater drums! Oh man, why oh why won't they rerun Kids Incorporated? That show was just an orgy of Mario Lopez dancin' and smilin' and drummin' and dancin' and smilin'!

5. Finally, we get to see more Kevin the Robot then I know how to deal with! Kevin drinks Root Beer, burps, wears reading glasses, sneezes, and accidentally punches Screech in the face! Just like the robot I was going to build!

Also, for some reason Slater and Screech wear socks and sneakers in the swimsuit competition, but the girls go barefoot. And, it turns out, Jessie is racist against attractive people.

Today's Quote

Zack: Hey Screech, I have something very important to tell you!

Screech: ALF flew back to Melmac?!

Most Implausible Moment

I'd like to see how a Beauty Contest fits in with California State school system's curriculum.

I mean, does it go into the Physical Education or Peforming Arts budget? Can underprivileged students get state-owned swimsuits on loan? Will the PTA be selling Orange Drink in the lobby? How much does the orange drink cost?? HOW MUCH??!

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