Monday, July 19, 2004

Going Steady

This is the episode with the super-hot nurse who's probably the hottest woman in Bayside history. Also, there was a Melvin Nerdly, who, get this, is actually a stud. Plus, Slater is afraid of needles and Jessie is racist against people with glasses. And Screech spent the entire episode in neon green exercise attire.

Oh, and Mrs. Simpson was really deaf, but for a second she had a hearing aid, but that made everything too loud so, after physical comedy-o-rama, off goes the hearing aid. Back to the deaf jokes!

Today's Quote

After Lisa reads her epic poem, "Ode to the Mall," Mrs. Simpson comments:

Mrs Simpson: Thank you, Lisa. I love the Rocky Mountains too!

Most Implausible Moment

Screech was working out to avoid being dead last in the school physicals again this year.

Um, why and how does Bayside rank their student physicals?

PS: Man, that nurse is HOT!

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