Thursday, July 20, 2006

Student-Teacher Week

So it's Student-Teacher week at Bayside (clever title there, Saved by the Bell) and Zack is principal so everything should be awesome right? Wrong, because watch out Kelly wants to be a teacher when she grows up and we all know that schools base their hiring decisions almost entirely on how well the potential employee did at their high school's student-teacher week. And what's that you say? It's also this week's big game against Valley and Slater and the boys don't wanna study cuz they've got to learn their new plays? I smell conflict! Ultimately, Slater learns the important lesson not to try to take advantage of your friend who might want to be a teacher when she grows up during student-teacher week or you'll put your other friend who got made principal in order to learn responsibility in an awkward position. And that's a lesson we should all keep in mind.

Also in today's episode, Ox!, Bull!, Pete the Nerd!, Lisa and Screech teach some nerds in gym class, Mr Belding acts irresponsibly, Zack is the first man ever to successfully use being a high school principal to get laid, Zack decorates his office with G'n'R, LL Cool J, Paula Abdul, and what appear to be two(!) TLC posters - the same ones your little sister used to decorate her room in middle school!, Screech does the worst Hans and Franz ever for the second time, and did I mention Ox?

Today's Quote

Screech: I'm Muscle Screech from Muscle Beach, but starting tomorrow you can call me teach.

I've said this before, but, seriously, stop and think about this for a moment - somebody wrote that.

Most Implausible Moment

Ox: "If we take that test, we'll flink!"

Slater: "That's flunk, Ox."

C'mon, Saved by the Bell. Even you are better than that.

Create Your Own Context Watch

Jessie: "Our apologies to Muffin Sangria, whose dummy Jo-Jo was eaten by termites."

What Is Wrong With Slater? Watch

Slater: "Our tackling dummy is broken so all cute blondes are welcome to come in and fill out."

I know where you're going with this one, AC, but, um, you're an idiot.

Bayside's Ambitious Lesson Plans Watch

Kelly: "Today we're going to talk about World War I and World War II."

I guess we gotta assume the Bayside history class only meets three times a semester, so they gotta make these classes count.

Misused Insult Alert

Screech (to Pete): "Is that a chest or did two Tic-Tacs fall down your shirt?"

Um, Screech, Pete's a dude. Dudes don't care about the size of their breasts.

How'd This Get Past Standards? Watch

Screech: "It would be a shame not to share my bodily secrets with the student body."


Lisa: "Get 'em movin', Screech - I wanna see some hard bodies around here."


Kelly: "...and I'm known as Miss Kapowski, the girl with no class."


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