Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Love Machine

So in today's episode, Albert Clifford Slater's girlfriend from Germany, Jennifer, magically appears at Bayside in the middle of science class, and whut-oh looks like AC and Jen forgot to break up, and watch out because also it is the "Make Your Own Invention" Unit in Mr Tuttle's science class (what) and Screech and Kelly invented a "Love Machine" that tests compatibly (WHAT) and I wonder if this invention might become important later in the episode? If you will allow me to be so presumptuous as to answer my own question, the answer is yes. Yes it will.

As a side note, there was one of those Love Machine thingys in the mall when I was growing up, and, to answer yet another question, yes ladies, according to the machine, I was "Hot To Trot". Wiiii-ink.

Also in this episode, barely any Mr B though he does do the one thing where he says "My door is always open" and then when he goes to the door hahaha it is locked, Screech basically spends the episode screwing everybody over, Zack shines up the old "Walk-this-way" chestnut by "walking-this-way" like Mr Tuttle, Jessie is racist against Slater, Jessie is racist against ex-girlfriends from Germany, Jessie is seriously insane, we learn that the name of the movie theater in Berlin is the Berlinaplex which I am pretty sure is a lie, and, finally, there is some cross-dressing! which brings Zack back to his bad accent tour of the world, this time doing the worst old lady impression ever!

Today's Quote

Kelly: Jessie slammed her gavel on Ronald Geekman's hand so hard that his retainer flew out and hit Mr Belding in the eye.

If somebody ever asked me to reduce the whole Saved by the Bell experience into one sentence, that one would pretty much be it.

Most Implausible Moment

Jennifer: "When Albert left, we made one of those promises that we wouldn't go out with anyone else ever."

Oh, one of those promises. Wait a second. What?

Also, Slater and Jen really break up because they can't agree between Mel Gibson and Kevin Costner? Really?

Saved by the Bell Tells Jokes My High School Geometry Teacher Used To Make Watch

Zack: "We're the perfect team - she works hard, I hardly work!"

Seriously, the guy made the "working hard/hardly working" joke like every class. You don't want to be like this guy, Saved by the Bell!

SLATERism Watch

Screech: "Always the guinea pig, never the guinea."


How'd This Get Past Standards? Watch

Zack: "I'm sorry Mr Tuttle, science just doesn't turn me on."

Mr Tuttle: "Oh hooey! Science is the ultimate turn on."


Zack: "She's your sweet loving mama."

Slater: "Yeah, she is my mama, isn't she?"

Guys, both those lines made me more than a little bit uncomfortable. I think I'm going to go have a shower.

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