Friday, July 28, 2006

Cut Day

Look out cuz it's the Bayside Annual Cut Day where the school lets everybody not go to school even though they have it. Everybody, that is, except for Zack. It seems our blonde Tom Cruise already has taken 9 of his 10 unexcused absences (WHAT) and so if he cuts he gets suspension but he has a bet with Slater and so on.

Also in this episode, Slater makes the only smart choice he'll ever make by deciding to break up with Jessie, we meet Graham the Environmentalist Who Sucks and watch him attempt to bring down the plastic foam establishment that we hate to tell it to him had already been brought down sometime in the late 80's, Mrs Culpepper who is still hilariously blind (she thinks North America is Africa on a map dudes) has her emotions cruelly toyed with, Screech eats Taliban-approved candied insects and Zack uses them to make Mr Belding barf on command, and Screech and Lisa do the old "buried-in-the-sand-drinking-from-a-straw-whoops-the-glass-is-empty-now" gag that was probably hilarious when some Egyptian Pharaoh’s court jester first made it. Now, not so much. Not so much at all.

Today's Quote

Zack: The crunchy part's the thorax heheheh.

Most Implausible Moment

Somehow, Graham has all the same interests as Jessie, serves on Student Council with Jessie, and sits next to Jessie in all of her classes, and yet, the two have never really met before today. And by "somehow" I mean, "In this part that is retarded".

Nerds And Things They Like Watch

Today, a motion made by four nerds, two dorks, and a dweeb (this Draconian nerd classification system is not elaborated upon) for a day of mourning recognizing the anniversary of the cancellation of Gilligan's Island. Later, the dweeb (Franklin is his name, for those of you keeping score at home) also alludes to a Mr Ed resolution.

The upshot being that I guess nerds really like their 60's tv.

Jessie and Graham's Protest Sign Omnibus

1. It's Time To Wake Up, Drink From A Paper Cup

2. Go Home Plastic Foam

3. Plastic Foam - The Choice Of Idiots

and, my favorite,

4. Drink Now - Die Later

Um, I think I prefer it that way guys.

These Boots Were Made For Walking Watch

Unnamed Teacher: "Where did we leave off?"

Jessie: "We were discussing the obvious benefits of a female president. She's long overdue."

Zack: "Yup, just like a woman - always late."

Haha Zack, also they drive bad too am I right?

Daddy, Did People Actually Talk Like That? Watch

Slater: "Zack owes me one hundred smackers."

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