Friday, March 25, 2005

Parents and Teachers

For those of you furiously hacking away at your Saved by the Bell fan fiction, trying to craft the perfect story to create continuity between the Miss Bliss episodes and the Bayside years, I regret to inform you that today's episode presents significant problems. For today, we meet Zack's dad, who is named Peter not Derrick, and who is not married to Mrs. Morris and who spends a significant part of this episode trying to make out with Miss Bliss. I do not envy any of you. That said, you've done some amazing work with the Tori Paradox. If anybody can untangle this knot, it's you.

Also in this episode, not much!

Today's Quote

Zack: Ok, I'll cheer him up ... Hey Screech, have you heard? At exactly two o'clock today, a shower of asteroids is gonna level Cleveland.

I guess Screech has a thing about Cleveland.

Most Implausible Moment

Mr Belding: "...[The parents] started telling principal jokes."

Miss Bliss: "What'd you do?"

Mr Belding: "What could I do? I told a few zingers myself?"

Principal jokes? C'mon.

PUNS! Watch

Screech: "Get this - my dad told me he was Glue Monitor too! That's how he got stuck on my mom!"

You see Screech was a Glue Monitor at one point I guess, so that oh nevermind

Made Up Bands! Watch

Zack: "I didn't know Hot Lead was going to get the mumps!"

Hot Lead? It's no Bo Revere, but it's still pretty sweet.

No Child Left Behind Watch

Miss Bliss: "I mean, how do you tell a parent that their child is best qualified to be a speed bump?"

Oucherz, Miss B.

How'd This Get Past Standards? Watch:

Milo: "It's a side of Pokey I'd rather not see."

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