Thursday, March 24, 2005


For the next couple days, we'll be firmly entrenched at JFK Middle School, Indianapolis, USA. While the Miss Bliss years lack the over-the-top hi jinks of Bayside, we can be thankful of one thing - there's no Tori!

In today's episode, rock star Stevie (who combines the girl-next-store wholesomeness of a Debbie Gibson with the mallrat spank of Tiffany in an electrifying combo punch) returns home for a farewell performance before enrolling in Notre Dame which is pretty specific for Saved by the Bell. Zack makes a bet, pretends he's dying, and then learns it's wrong to pretend you're dying by making out with a famous rock star, which is something I think we can all relate too.

Also in this episode, Nicki is a hypocrite, Screech does the most awful Hans and Frans impersonation ever for absolutely no reason at all, Mikey and Milo barely register, and there is a ridiculously long performance of an entire made-up pop song by Stevie that I guess was in case the editors at Tiger Beat had a subscription to The Disney Channel. Or had a friend who could tape it.

Today's Quote

Miss Bliss: What do you think it was that sustained the pioneers through their darkest times?

Screech: Night lights?

Most Implausible Moment

So, when Zack's lie is exposed, Stevie, with no explanation at all, picks Screech to be the hunk she sings her song to. I guess at JFK being a dork is just one step above having a terminal illness on the ol' pathetic-o-meter.

Poor nerds.

Old People Are SO Square! Watch

Mr. Belding: "Lay it upon me! I'm hip!"

Come on Bopper, you can do better than that!

How'd This Get Past Standards? Watch (Extended Collector's Edition)

Screech: "Guess my new toothpaste finally works!"


Nicki: "You kissed her poster you pervert!"


Stevie: "Help! There's a kid trying to get me to autograph his fly collection!"

-AND (hitting it out of the park)-

Miss Bliss: "Zack, I'll take as much of that action as I can get."

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