Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Tori the Biker Chick

OK, so today was the first episode of the almost unbearable Tori season. But, for you, the reader, I will suffer through the next week or so, enduring this completely inconsistant character (she's a tough biker chick - except that she isn't at all) and the horrible (even by SBTB standards) and annoying performance by Ms. Leanna Creel (who is not only a twin, as we all know from when she and her sister dated Steve and Brandon on 90210, but is a triplet! Sheesh!).

Couple this with the fact that every Friday seems to feature 2 episodes of The College Years, and I've got a rough week ahead.

Quote of the Day

Tie! Both occur in Belding's office at the initial planning meeting for the Fall Ball. When Ox, the refreshments manager, is asked what he has planned for refreshments, he exclaims:

Ox: Beef Jerky and guacamole dip!

And, when Lisa's plans for "Fall in Paris" theme is deemed too expensive, Big Pete offers this suggestion:

Big Pete: How about a Math Theme - where people come dressed as their favorite numerals!

Theory: The relationship of the three main male leads (Zach-Slater-Screech) is echoed in the relationship between the three nerds, where Big Pete is the Nerd Zack, the black nerd is nerd Slater, and the tall, gawky nerd is Nerd Screech.

Most Implausible Moment

While not really a moment, a question permeates this episode and every Tori episode hereafter:

Where the hell are Kelly and Jessie?

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BaybeeGrrl said...

the "nerd Screech"? Isn't screech already a nerd??