Monday, June 21, 2004

Mr. Belding's Baby

Today's Quote

When Screech and Mr. Belding are in Mr. B's office right as the earthquake begins:

Screech: It's a volcano!

Most Implausible Moment

Looking past the absurd premise and the fact that the Belding baby seems to have been born without any after-birth mess or an umbilical cord, I'm going say that today's most implausible moment is Slater's ridiculous karate kick when he kicks down Mr. B's door.

Looks like all those viewings of "The Karate Kid" have paid off there, A.C.


Also of note: Today is the second time in a week that the SBTB writers used the "What's the number for 911?" gag. Let's see if we can go for three, guys.

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