Tuesday, June 22, 2004

School Song

The School Song episode. Hoooray!!

Today's Quote

The nerds take it again:

Louise: A day without music is like a day without trigonometry!

Most Implausible Moment

Oh which to pick, which to pick!

Is it when Screech allows the Lisa, Slater and Tori to completely change his song with nary a complaint? Is it when Screech's Home at Our School ties Zack's Cool School, meaning that the Bayside student population is exactly half nerd? Is it the fact that Zack's Cool School is easily the least Glee Club friendly song in the world?

I'm going to go with this: How is it that every student at Bayside seems to be able to play the piano?

1 comment:

Andy Fischer said...

Take a close look at Zack, Slater, Screech, and Lisa at the end of this episode, where they put their hands together after singing the "revised Screech song." This was the last episode filmed of SBTB. You can kinda see this in the actor's faces, although their expressions are probably also supposed to reflect how they feel about their upcoming graduation (which had already been filmed) in the fictitious show. Regardless I think some of this is "real" rather than acting.