Thursday, September 2, 2004

Fake I.D.s

Clever title there, Saved by the Bell. So today, the gang makes fake IDs. This is really easy for them because they take a photography class, which trains them in exactly 5% of the skills they would need to make a fake ID. Luckily, the gang at Bayside don't want fake IDs for the reason the rest of the teenage world wants them (ie to get drunk without having to ask that creepy guy's older brother). They want them TO DANCE!

Additionally, some how I must not have been paying attention, because between Tuesday and today, Kelly has dumped Zack for Mr. Jeffrey I. Datehighschoolgirls and Zack has already forgiven them and moved on! But uh-oh, because Kelly is just one high school girl and Jeff likes to buy in bulk. Who can blame these girls? I mean, a 20-something diner waiter who dates 16 year-olds. What a catch!

Also in this episode, Mr. B. teaches photography because otherwise he would not be in this episode and he's under contract, Screech dances with a schitzo man-woman named Reggie, and Slater wears a bolo tie! A bolo tie!

Today's Quote

Mr. Belding (showing slides): This is Mrs. B. at Seaworld.

Kelly: Why is she eating raw fish?

Mr. Belding: That. Is. Not. Mrs. B. That's Shamu! The whale!

Most Implausible Moment

I love how they show Screech making fake ID's by having him sit in front of a developing tray, using the tongs to push something around.

"...and then I just place the paper into the magic elixir, move it around, and PRESTO! Fake ID's for everybody!"


Also, I love how Zack pretends to be in college by starting every conversation, "Hey isn't college great?!" Man, that's how I used to score in college too!

Slater's Strange Hypotheticals Watch

Screech: "You know Slater, through this lens, your nose hairs look like the Amazon Rainforest!"

Slater: "If you don't get that camera out of my face, I'm going to have the natives come out and eat you!"

Wait a second. Slater is going to have his boogers eat Screech?


PUNS! Watch

Mr Belding: "Now that you've all taken a lot of pictures, let's see what's developed! HA-ha!"

The James Lipton Subtle Moment of ACTING! Watch

Mrs Morris comes into Zack's room, whistles "Puff the Magic Dragon, unroles a "Peter, Paul and Mary" poster, and says, "He'll like this."


How'd This Get Past Standards? Watch

Kelly: "Hey, I'll be OK after a few minutes of screamin' in the ladies room."

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