Friday, September 3, 2004

The Fabulous Belding Brother

Sorry to say, this IS THE VERY LAST Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day for the summer. Thanks to everybody for reading these - I hope you had as much fun as I did! I could put these somewhere on the site so they last forever. Is there interest in that?

Anyway, on with the show:

So today the class is going on a class trip to Yosemite Sam National Park with Mr. Belding! That is, only if they all can pass mean Mr. Dickerson's History midterm! Not only is this test hard (it seems to cover all of history from AT LEAST the US Civil War to World War 1 and no one has passed it in 3 years!) - Mr. Dickerson's spirit can detach from his physical body and enter text books, Magic Johnson posters, and even TV's (where he is prone to rapping)!

Conveniently for the gang and the plot, Mr. Dickerson has an unexplained off-camera nervous breakdown all of sudden and the studly but irresponsible (how is that combination possible?) Rod Belding subs for him! This gives Mr. Belding a chance to ACT which makes me giddy.

Then there is nonsense and white water rafting and CPR and Slater in the most ridiculously skimpy outdoorswear I have ever seen! Seriously, he looks he got fired from the "Great Outdoors Spectacular" at Chippendale's for dressing too flamboyantly. So awesome. Plus, we learn that Zack pronunces of the word stewardess in this super weird way (stew-ard-ESS) that has cracked me up since I was twelve.

Today's Quote

Screech: "I don't need a girl to keep me warm. Mom's packed three pairs of long johns - with a padlock on the trap to keep the bears out!

Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day Hall of Fame

I'm SO glad we're ending with this, my personnal favorite Saved by the Bell Quote of all time:

Screech: Wow! A building with two Beldings, one of whom is balding!

Most Implausible Moment

Rod Belding is a dream of implausibility. Nothing about him is plausible for even a second - he's that amazing. He should have had his own implausible spin-off.

Fat Nerd SWITCHEROO Watch:

What'd they do with Alan? Who's this Milton character?

Milton: "I think we should visit the Hershey Chocolate Factory!"

Zack: "Fat chance, Milton!"*

*That one can also be filed under "PUNS! Watch".

Milton: "Let's go to the Hostess Museum. I hear they have a great Ding-Dong exhibit!"

Zack: "You're a Ding-Dong, Milton."

See, we can't even pretend Alan said these cuz Zack keeps saying Milton STOP SAYING MILTON ZACK!

"Fade-In to Mid-Story" Watch

Rod: " I said to the head of the airline, 'Find another Vice-President. I want my summers off to follow my dreams.'"

How'd This Get Past Standards? Watch

Mr. Belding: "It looks like they were making out to me!"

And with that ladies and gentlemen, I'm outta here!

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