Friday, April 1, 2005

Aloha Slater

So this is the last entry for this run of the Saved by the Bell Quote of the Day. I'd like to say thanks to all of you new readers who emailed me, posted comments, blogged about the site, etc. - I still can't believe that so many people like to read about somebody else watching TV.

This blog will update sporadically (basically, whenever I have lunch at home), so sign up to your right to receive an email next time I do a Quote of the Day. NotifyList is acting a little wonky, so if it doesn't work now, try back in a little bit.

And now, without further folderol or adieu, here is the last SBtB of the spring: "Let's Pretend Slater's Dying So He Goes to Hawaii". In today's episode, Zack is mad because chicks dig jocks, so he makes up a disease ("Mumbioquadralationosis" for those keeping score)! What? Now Kelly is going to Hawaii too? Must be time for hi jinks and a lesson perhaps!

Also today, almost too much! Slater wrestles Mr B, Screech does the whole hiding-in-file-cabinet-handing-file-to-authority-figure schtick that Scooby-Doo used to get so much mileage from, Zack has a ridiculously low-budget light-bulb "I-have-an-idea" effect, an amazing scene where Mr Belding seems incredible callous and cruel and Jessie's all "How could you?", an amazing scene where Slater's dad acts like a maniac and breaks his desk with his fist, an amazing scene where there is a goodbye hula dance for Slater and Screech cross-dresses and becomes the Pineapple Princess for no apparent reason, and (inexplicably due to ants and pepper) Slater dances and sneezes and dances and dances and sneezes and dances! Phew!

Today's Quote

Mr. Belding: ...[Slater]'s very popular with the girls. In fact, he gets almost as many whistles around the pool as I do.

What's Mr Belding doing walking around the pool?

Saved By The Bell Quote of the Day Hall of Fame

Unnamed Teacher: This is Study Hall, NOT SOUL TRAIN!

Most Implausible Moment

Um, who did they think they were kidding when they moved some lockers and inserted the trophy case to try and make it look like there's a second hallway at Bayside? Because they are not fooling anybody.

Hey Abbott! Watch

Major Slater:"How do you find Mr Belding?"

Zack: "Confused, but well-meaning."

Major Slater:"I mean his office. Where is it?"

Screech: "He's with the school nurse."

Major Slater: "And where is the school nurse?

Screech: "She's with Mr. Belding."

Major Slater: "I know that. Where's her office?

(Screech and Zack point in opposite directions)

Hahahahaha! Third base!

ALF/Gorbachev Watch

It's back!

Screech: "Third place, wow! I once finished fifth in an ALF look-alike contest!"

Remember the 90's?! Watch

Zack: "Everyone hopes for that one shining moment: Joe Montana in the Super Bowl, Kirk Gibson in the World Series, Flo Jo in the Olympics..."

Hahaha! You forgot Bo Jackson, Zack!

How'd This Get Past Satndards? Watch

Kelly: "Will you teach me how to wrestle?"


Slater: "You only get one chance with the Major."

OK, that's the end of this chapter! Stay awesome everybody!

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