Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Bravely dusting off the most hoary of sitcom chestnuts, today Saved by the Bell invents a pregnant lady only to dangerously trap her in an enclosed space for the birth of her child. Will Tori be able to overcome her fear of earthquakes to use her narratively-convenient Lamaze skills (which apparently surpass actual medical knowledge as the most important element of safe childbirth -- it's that easy, ladies!) to save Mrs. B and baby Belding in the nick of time? Yes.

Also in this episode, Tori discovers that earthquakes are a thing, Lisa dresses like a neon cowgirl, Harry the Hippo! ("Hello, Mr. Bellllding!"), Mrs. B.'s only SbtB appearance ever is pretty much squandered, German physics teacher Herr Heimlich makes with the "ze's" und "ya's," and Slater does this amazing kung fu kick on Mr. B's flimsy sitcom door and Steve just laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed. Hi-ya, AC. Hi-ya, indeed.

Today's Quote

Lisa: Maybe you're pregnant, Screech.
Screech: Oh Lisa, don't be ridiculous -- I'm not even married!

Don't forget to vote Republican this November, everybody!

Most Implausible Moment

Oh good golly, are you kidding?

PUNS! Watch

Mr. Belding: "Hah, I can outmaneuver Heimlich."

SbtB sets 'em up; Mr. B knocks 'em down.

Pickles and Ice Cream Omnibus

Crazy Things Mrs B Craves:
1. French Fries with Hot Fudge
2. Ginger Ale with a Scoop of Peanut Butter (the Screecher's favorite combo, by the by)

Those things are just crazy things!

Lake Kookamonga Funny Word Alert

Mrs. Belding: "I guess those french fries just got to me."
Screech: "Yeah, you know, I have the same problem whenever I eat garbonzo beans!"

And I get it when I eat kumquats!

What's the Number for 911? Watch

It's a least thrice to the well for SbtB on this one:

Mr. Belding: "Pete Pete, find the nearest telephone that's working and call 911 for help. Let them know that we have people stuck in an elevator and that one of them is having a baby."
Pete: "Right . . . What was that number again?"

How'd This Get Past Standards? Watch

Lisa: "Girl, give those lips a rest!"

Oh my. I - I'm blushing.

My So-Called Life Teen Angst Alert

Tori: "When's it going to stop! Make it stop! Make it stop!"

The one and only time in SbtB history that I found myself and Tori in complete agreement.


Mary Mo said...

I have just had THE BEST TIME going through these laughing my butt off at the antics of our pals at bayside. Yeah, I should probably do some work today at work but this is much more entertaining. :)

Pancake Master said...


I syndicated this for LJ, in case nobody had done it previously:


heywassupman said...

I like how when the baby is born there's no blood on it.


Steve Carey said...

Thanks Pancake Master -- there was an old LJ feed but I have no idea how to switch it over!

Pancake Master said...

There is a way to switch the old one over, but it is much easier and quicker (and less reliant on some fancy-pants developer in parts unknown) just to make a new one, so I did. Glad yer back!

Nathan said...

Mr Belding came to my college back in the day. he was overweight and sort of slimy and he hit on a whole mess of girls in ways that ranged from "ah mr belding! you are so funny" to "holy smokes, that is unsettling"

sort of taints SbtB for me, knowing belding was probably trollin' for ladies.

either way, hello! my name is nate and i like this blog.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading every single one of these and I am certain that you are the funniest man alive maybe.

Oh god.

I love you.

StoutFiles said...

You reviewed this one already! 2004 I think, "Baby Belding".

Steve Carey said...

You're right -- whoops! Oh well, this one's better (though I totally missed the volcano line this time around).

Cathie said...

Oh man! So awesome! My sister and I STILL quote this episode. "Eighty-six those fries! It's diet time, lady!"

Katie said...

Now I have the urge to try ginger ale with a scoop of peanut butter... is it just a joke, or does it actually taste good?

John said...

Nathan said taint!!

Sarah said...

I have always wondered why Mrs. B gave birth to a 4 month old. And did Zach bite off the umbilical cord? Because it ain't attached!